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"Music is life, and like        


  it, inextinguishable."

                -Carl Nielson

Music has always been a central feature of my life. My fondest memories from my childhood include many of my earliest musical experiences, and I find much of my musical inspiration through many of the people who I've come to know in my life and work.

As my life and music continue to take shape, I hold a sense of gratitude for all of the teachers, family, friends, and fellow musicians whom I've had the pleasure to know, as well as the many musicians from the past whose long reach have, through the quality of their work and my good fortune, found me. Without you all I would be a different kind of person, and to each of you I owe something for the way you've inspired me.

It is my hope that through this website I can begin to share with you the sort of musician I have and will become. 

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